New Atlanta Firm Makes Big Strides with Big Kidz Foundation

ATLANTA – QJS Design Studio’s Chief Creative Officer, Joey Q. Shephard, and Creative Director, Tchanavian Roche have been nominated for the “Humanitarian in Design” award. Their charitable campaign helped raised nearly one million dollars for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

The Haitian Earthquake damaged a large portion of the land in Haiti. Due to the powerful nature of the earthquake many were left stranded and homeless. Through the use of advertising and a few other promotional materials for Big Kidz Foundation Haiti benefit, they were able to help over 2 million children affected.

“Big Kidz has been a huge supporter of the less fortunate community here in Atlanta and we wanted to extend its reach to those in a much bigger need. By creating this campaign, we wanted to capture the hurt and anguish of the people of Haiti and those affected by this tragic event. It was important that we used stimulating, black and white imagery in every piece,” said Joey Q. Shephard, Chief Creative Officer.
Shephard concluded, “When providing our services for the Haiti Benefit, we were just a team of individuals looking to provide support to those in need. We never imagined that we would make the strides we did, or even be nominated for a Humanitarian in Design award. We are gracious, and humbled by this entire thing.”

The awards ceremony will take place in late January, where they will face off against three other nominated design firms.

About Big Kidz Foundation – The Big Kidz Foundation, the philanthropic vision of Outkast member Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, is an effort to take education and knowledge to another dimension. Established in 2006, with a firm belief that cultural exposure, musical and literary expressions, and the invaluable experiences of travel, makes for a well-rounded person, solidifies the result of the mission.Big Boi of the Grammy Award winning duo Outkast, has had an enjoyable tenure in the music business and attributes the success of this group to their originality and non-traditional creativity.

About QJS Design Studio – Founded in 2011, QJS is a full service creative agency forging brands with effective, customized strategies that work. We blend proven business strategy, innovative technology, and creative solutions to strengthen brands, grow e-commerce, deliver ROI, and enhance visibility across various mediums.


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