QJS Design Studio Owner Offers Wise Words to Novices in the Industry
ATLANTA – Wise Words in an organization that has chosen a number of advisors to assist industry beginners in their careers. The advisors work closely with the novices to inspire and better them during their journey.

Joey Q. Shephard, owner and head designer, was solicited by the Founder of Wise Words Dawson Whitfield to join his team of advisors. Whitfield loved the work that QJS were doing and thought that Shephard would be a good for fit, and would be perfect to advise up and coming designers in the industry.

“I am honored to have been selected by them to advise other creatives like myself. It’s been a pleasure sharing my knowledge with people who’re just as eager as I was and am in learning the craft and understanding the business. It’s also given me the opportunity to form new relationships with people from all different walks of life as we share our backgrounds and influences for entering this industry.”

Although Shephard has just joined forces with Wise Words, to date, he has advised many designers looking to start their careers in Graphic Design. As he continues being and advisor, he looks to influence many more.

About Wisewords – Wisewords is a team of young folks based in Toronto, ON that have a passion for connecting people and making lives better.

About QJS Design Studio – Founded in 2011, QJS is a full service creative agency forging brands with effective, customized strategies that work. We blend proven business strategy, innovative technology, and creative solutions to strengthen brands, grow e-commerce, deliver ROI, and enhance visibility across various mediums.


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