Anderson & Quintessential Essential Dream Homes

Website design & development for southern real estate company

Project Background

Anderson CCBI Construction & Quintessential Homes is an up and coming, real estate development company. We began by generating ideas to feature a more unique menu. We wanted this website to essentially highlight the company’s various properties and projects. With these things in mind and the given example by the client for the website’s composition, we began developing the company’s new online interface.

Pictures of this organization's current and past projects were added to the site to showcase the beauty of the work they are creating. This was the most important aspect of this project because this would show the personality of the organization. A simple, business friendly site was required to share the organizations objectives, but the added project pictures was a nice touch to show the creativity of their site

The typography used was Arial and Times New Roman fonts. in addition to that, a grid format was used to clearly project the mission of this organization.