Athens Magazine Branding Case Study
Quarterly New York Lifestyle Publication
Founded in 2010, Athens Magazine was the first female owned, mass-market, underground magazine to follow the urban music, fashion and culture of New York. Founder and editor-in-chief, Bria Brown, was propelled to update the magazine’s brand to reflect its notoriety and progression with readership of 500,000 and growing.
Project Background

When your main purpose is to promote up-and-coming anything, your brand has to have a sense of validity to it. How else can a consumer know to trust you over a competitor? Athens magazine, a quarterly print publication of more than 85,000 monthly readers publicizing young artistic talent pursuing their passions, had that very same question. The project started by reading their articles, learning the leadership’s objectives, analyzing the photography, and researching its demographic. We envisioned a customary typeface logo mark, mixed serif fonts, and clean layouts. We then begin building the publication’s new layout, typographic standards, and image direction.

The A

This one letter has become a flag for the Athens Brand. The shape and space of the letter is a blank canvas for everyone at the Athens office to share their work, while reinforcing the brand identity. The symbol, even though very simple, became an easily recognizable icon across New York.

Design Elements

We worked with the Athens team to help apply the brand identity across all touchpoints, including newly designed marketing collateral.

Composing Editorial Elements

To appear more credible, the redesign of Athens contains utilizes better composition for uniform page layouts. Bold, sans-serif section headers coupled with a medium serif for body copy. To retain the publication’s youthful appeal, we made use of highlighters in the magazine’s article titles.

The Results

We converted the Athens New Renaissance Magazine brand into a look that is distinctive and alluring. Each issue captures the reader through its rich imagery and color palette. The new look furthermore required that it express the personality of the underground culture without being grungy.


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