Community Investment Network
Community Investment Network is a network of giving circles, which includes grant making, advocacy, and public education as complementary ways to demystify philanthropy by making it accessible and more democratic to everyday people. The organization desired that QJS Design Studio aid in redesigning its instructor’s handbook and worksheets. Our concept was to continue the standards that had been implemented on the organization’s website and use a more structured layout composition to create an easier and more enjoyable learning experience.
Year: 2014
Categories: Print Design, User Experience

Community Investment Network

This project demonstrated our range in graphic design. We worked closely with the CIN team throughout the project to ensure we remained aligned with their vision. The newly designed materials conveyed our team’s creative and technical capabilities. We used a serif/sans-serif combination to give the design a more contemporary appeal. We also utilized various shades and tints of green to be used as section indicators. Very few graphic elements were used in an effort to provide a fresh, professional look.

Gardner-Mathews Travel Concierge Project Results

The result was a composition merging artistic talents in a methodical fashion. The overhaul of the CIN handbook and workbook created a 40 percent increase in community participation.