Diabetes Prevention Campaign Walk Case Study
Spreading Awareness
& Saving Lives
Promotional material design for localized health
program campaign
Clean, contemporary designs are not neglected by the creative minds at QJS. The NDPP needed promotional material for the Diabetes Prevention campaign and needed specific items present in its promotional material. The vision was to build an easily transportable pamphlet and convey a cheerful and energetic lifestyle amongst seniors through imagery.

Our collaboration with led us to work diligently with the Porter Novelli team as they headed the collateral’s artistic direction and content collection. Compiling photographs of middle-aged persons and seniors being active exactly fit the employer’s specification. We incorporated stylish typographic treatments to statistical data for more attractiveness and increase a willingness to learn.

The Results

The finished product was an information guide constructed with distinctive features that won’t overwhelmingly affect reading comprehension.


Clinic and Patient Collateral Disbursement

Increase In Program Donations

Increase in Disease Awareness