The Purpose Project Case Study
Promoting Mental Health Services
Collateral and website design for a general healthcare practice
Project Background

Promoting a mental health service provider as warm and inviting is anything but an easy task. But we did it! The Purpose Project, a multidisciplinary behavioral healthcare practice offering mental health services based in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, approached us with this challenge. Most persons needing advice or guidance aren’t aware of their availability or are afraid of receiving them. We aspired to establish a brand that expressed the importance of such services and how they’re beneficial to everyone’s life.

Organization Identity

The icon is a symbol of enthusiastic participation. It is a personal, grassroot and unique expression for the The Purpose Project.

Branding Materials

With market research and consumer feedback, we were able to respond with a design campaign centered on the use of a logotype that gave The Purpose Project a modern and gentle appeal that’s energetic and hopeful.

The Results

The Purpose Project loved it, and the company now uses the logotype on promotional materials, such as t-shirts and notebooks.

2 Months

Organizational Brand Development

Practice Inquiry Increase

Appointment Scheduling Increase